Top 9 Zanussi Fridge Shelf UK – Fridge Shelves

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1. Zanussi

Zanussi Fridge Freezer Glass Shelf Tray & Plastic Trim White

Zanussi - Genuine zanussi Replacement Spare Part. Dimensions: 475mm x 320 mm. Fits models: za23n, zerb3225x, zerb3120, zenb2725, za26s3, zerb2825s, zenb2725si, zba6154, zerc3025x, zenb2625, zerb2825, zd29/7rm4, zenb2925si, zerb2825m, zd292f7ds3, zd29/7ds3, zecbst/w, za23s, zenb2720, zd292f7rm3, zc340d4, zd29/7dl3, zba5160, zel67w, zba6160, zd29/7rm3, zc245rm, zd292f7dl3, zenb2925, zd21/5rm3, zenb250si, zenb2625si, zert6646, zba5154, zerc3025, zenb2920, zba3160, zerb2420, zba3154, ZI1602. Replacement glass shelf With White Plastic Trim For Your Zanussi Refrigerator.

2. Zanussi

Zanussi Glass Fridge Freezer Crisper Cover Shelf 476mm x 275mm

Zanussi - Genuine zansusi Replacement / spare part. Zanussi genuine fridge frezer Glass Shelf / Crisper Cover 476mm x 275mm. And models: zrc250s8, zd21/5rm3, zrc29sd, zc280r3, zi922/9ka, za26s3, zc300r3, zbb6294, zi918/9ffa, zd22/7rm3, zc300r4, zd29/7rm3, zd29/7RM4.

Fits models: zbb8294, zi920/9ka, zbb29450sa, zi920/9k, zi918/12ka, zbb8297, zbb28650sa, zbb28440sa, zbb7266, zd29/7dl3, zbb29430sr, zrc2501, zbb6284, zi922/9t, zi921/8ff, zbb29430sl, zbb29430sa, zbb6297, zbb2294r, zbb6254, zd29/7ds3, zbb6286, zc280r3, zd29/7rm3, zr220/100nh, zi918/12k, zi920/8ff, zc340r3, zbb29445sa, zbb2294l, zbb5284, zbb6266, zbb29430sv, zbb5286, zrc250-1, zbb29455sa, zc300r3, zbb7294, zbb25430sa, zbb26650sa, za28s, zc340d4, zrc250, zbb3294, zi921/8FFA.
Part Number2249061165

3. Zanussi

Zanussi Fridge Door Plastic Bottle Bar Shelf / Tray / Holder

Zanussi - Replacement zanussi plastic Fridge Door Shelf / Bottle Bar / Small Tray Holder. Fits zanussi models: zerb3225x, zerb8441, znb3840, erb8643, zrb2941, znb3440, znb3240, znb3450s, znb3240s, znb3850s, znb3450, znb3850, zerc3025X, zrb3041, zerb9043, zrb2641, ZERC3025. Genuine Zanussi replacement refrigerator shelf.
Part Number2425182041

4. Zanussi

Zanussi Fridge Freezer Door Shelf Bottle Tray

Zanussi - Genuine zanussi Replacement Spare Part. Length: 440mm. Replacement plastic Bottle Shelf For Your Zanussi Refrigerator. Fits models: zba7230a, zi722/10dac, zba7184a, zi9240da, zi9234aa, zbb5286, zbb26650sa, zi9194a, zbb6266, zi718/12k, zi918/12k, zi9235a, zi9195, zbb8297, zbb28650sa, zbb29445sa, zi918/8k, zi9321t, zi9321a, zi922/9dac, zba7224a, zbb29430sa, zi9345a, zbb5284, zi9234, zbb29455sa, zba7330, zi9210da, zi921/8ff, zi918/8ka, zi9280d, zi920/9k, zba6184a, zbt6234, zi9240daa, zi720/9k, zbb29450sa, zi7235, zr304cth60, zba31445sa, zr304cth.

660, zi922/9k, zi922/9t, zi9240d, zi921/8ffa, zi9320a, zi920/8ff, zbb7297, zpl9234a, zbb6244, zba6317, zbt6284, zi918/12ka, zba5224a, zi7280d, zba6190a, zi9194aa, zbb6254, zbb29430sv, zi920/9ka, zba7190a, zbb6286, zi9234a, zi9195a, zbb7294, zba33040sa, zi9235, zi9195aa, zbb8294, zbb6284, zi918/9KA.
Weight0.48 kg (1.06 Pounds)
Part NumberDST2251276156

5. Zanussi

Zanussi Refrigerator Glass Shelf Plastic Back Trim White

Zanussi - Genuine zanussi Replacement Spare Part. And models: zrb7936pxh, zk21/11gr, znb343s, znb343w, znb323w, znb344w, zrb932fw2, zrb935nx2s, zrb2641, zrb934ew, zrb935nw2, zrb835nw1, znb3850, zrb934nx2, zk24/11gr, zerb8441, zrb939nw2, zrb835nxl, znb3450, znb384s, zrb938fw2 bottom fre, znb404s, zrb938fw2, zrb934tx, znb343s, zrb835nxl1, zrb835nw, zrb934tw, znb344s, zrb3041, zrb7936pw, zrb734fw, zrb934fwd2, znb3240s, zebf351w, zecb300w, zk21/11r, znb3450s, znb3850s, zrb938tx, zrb938nw2, zrb932fx2, zrb939nx2, zco99/4w, znb3440, zrb938tw, zk21/7gr, zrb934nw2s, zrb934nxl, zrb934fw2, zrb934fx2, zrb932cw, zrb8441w, zrb938fwd2, zrb934nw2, znb404w, zrb7936pwh, zrb835nx, zrb7936px, z98/4w, z97/4w, zerb8643, zrb935nx2, znb323s, zNB3840.

Replacement plastic Trim For Your Zanussi Refrigerator. Fits models: zrc34sd, zrc34sd8, zra940vw:, zrb634fx, znb34nvc, zk21/10ato, zrb632fw, zrb34ns, znb38nvc, zrb36nvx8, zrb934xl, znb38nvd, zra940vw, zrb638fw, znb323w, znb343w, zrt933vx, zra934vw, zk21/11ago, zrb940x, zk24/11ago, zrb7940pxh, znb3240, zrb936pw, zrb36nv, zrb34nd, zrc38sx, zrb934nx, zrb940pw, zrb640vw, zrb840mw2, zrb936vx, zrb637vxl, zrb834nw, zra940vx, zrb634fw, zrb34nc, zk34/11f6, zrb36ne, zrb40nd8, zk21/10ago, zrb29nc, zrb36nd, zd31/14l68, zrb939nx, zrb936vxl, zrb36nd8, zrb36nv8, zrb840mw, zk24/10go, zrb632fx, zrb640w, zrb40nv, znb35ndx8, znb39ndx, zrb935nx, znb34nvd, zk24/10ato, zrb637vs, znb38ndx8, zk21/6ato, znb323s, zrb40nvc8, zrt631vx, zrb934pw2, zk24/11go, zrb29nc8, zrb934px2, znb35ndc8, znb34ndx8, znb39ndx8, znb34nx, zk21/11go, zd31/11l68, zrb40ndv8, zd31/18l6, zrb34nc8, zrb836vw, zrb836mxl, znb38nvd8, zrb936pwh, zrb36ndx, znb38ndx, zrb634nwd, zrb634nxd, zrb636w2, zrb840mxl, zrb40nc8, zk21/10go, znb34nc, znb38nvx, zrb940px2, zrb40nv8, zrb634w2, znb383w, zrc38s, zrb936pwh2, zk21/11ato, zrb939nw, zrb34ne, zrb40nd, zk24/11ato, zrb36nc, zrb937vw2, zrb940vx, znb34nvx8, zrb40nc, zrt630vs, zrb940pw2, zrb640w2, znb32nc, zk21/6ago, zrb936xl, zrb937vw, zrb936pxh, zk21/6go, zrb634fwc, zrb634nw, zrb940vw, zrb40ndx8, zrb937vxl, zrb637vw, zrb40nvc, zrb36nvx, zrb634w, zrb929pw2, zra939vx, zrb636w, zrb634ns, znb35ndx, zrb637vx, znb35ndc, cbff320 zanussi, zk24/10ago, zrb936x, zrb940pwh2, zrb929pw, zrb634dw, zk21/7go, znb34ndx, zrb640dw, zrb30jc, zrb634s, zrb40ndv, zrc38s8, zrb40ndx, znb39ndc8, zd31/14l6, zrb36nvc, zrb836mw, zrb40ne, zrb36ne8, zrb938nx, zrb634nxl, zrt630w, znb38nvc8, zrb836mx2, zrb936pw2, zrb638nw, zrb836vw2, zrb636dw, zrb934pwh2, znb34nx8, zk34/18f6, zrb934pw, zra939vw, zrb936pxh2, zrb935nw, zrb34ne8, zd31/11l6, zrb940vxl, znb34nvd8, zrb36nvc8, zk21/7ato, zrb629w, zrb940pxh2, zrb940xl, znb39ndc, zrt633w, zrc38sx8, zk21/7ago, znb34nvc8, znb34nvx, zrb34nd8 r bottom fr, zrb36ndx8, zrb36nc8, zrb34ns8, zrb936px2, znb34nc8, zrb836mw2, zrB937VX2.

Weight0.06 kg (0.13 Pounds)

6. Zanussi

Zanussi Glass Fridge Freezer Crisper Cover Shelf

Zanussi - Genuine zanussi Replacement Spare Part. Fits models: zrb636w, zrb938nw2, zrb636w2, zrb936xl, znb38ndx8, zrb836mx2, zrb934nw2, zrb938fw2 bottom fre, zrb938fwd2, zrb835nw1, zrb836mw2, zrb336w, zrb934nw2s, zrb936pwh, zrb937vw2, znb383w, zrb638nw, zrb940pxh2, zrb835nw, zrb840mw2, zrb836vw, zrb938nx, zrb939nw, zrb340pw, zrb936pxh2, zrb734fw, zrb934nxl, zrb935nx2s, zrb840mxl, zrb634fx, zrb935nx, zrb938tx, zrb835nx, zrb640w2, zrb934fw2, zrb634fw, znb35ndc8, zrb834nw, zrb934tw, zrb934fx2, zrb935nw, zrb936pw, zrb936pxh, zrb934nx, zrb640w, zrb634nwd, zrb7936pwh, zrb938tw, zrb7936pxh, zrb940pw2, zrb940x, zrb937vx2, zrb940px2, zrb634nw, zrb934nx2, zrb7936pw, zrb836vw2, zrb940vxl, zrb7936px, zrb934ew, zrb939nw2, zrb936vxl, zrb936pwh2, zrb934fwd2, zrb835nxl1, zrb634nxd, zrb940xl, zrb938fw2, zrb634fwc, zrb936x, zrb836mxl, zrb638fw, zrb835nxl, zrb840mw, zrb939nx2, zrb634nxl, zrb935nw2, zrb935nx2, zrb940pw, zrb936px2, zrb7940pxh, zrb936pw2, zrb934tx, zrb836mw, zrb939nx, zrb940pwh2, zRB40NA8.

Replacement glass Shelf For Your Zanussi Refrigerator. Part number: 2426294282.
Part Number2426294282

7. Zanussi

Zanussi Fridge Freezer Lower Door Shelf Bottle Tray

Zanussi - Fits models: fra324sw/1, zba15040sc, zba2160a, zba14440sc, zba15020sa, zba15040sa, zba14440sa, zRA319SW. Genuine replacement Lower Plastic Bottle Shelf For Your Zanussi Refrigerator. This shelf arrives without a base**. Please note: this is the lower, not middle door shelf. Material: transparent Plastic -- Length: 440mm.

8. Zanussi

Zanussi 2273096129 Fridge accessories/Shelves/Original Replacement Bottle Rack Door Shelf for your Refrigeration

Zanussi - See your own printing details below for a list of devices this is. This is a genuine product. This can be dishwasher made by various manufacturers and brands. Repairs to gas devices should be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. Take safety procedures at the repair all devices.
Part Number5053429011503

9. Zanussi

Zanussi Fridge Door Plastic Bottle Bar Shelf/Tray/Holder

Zanussi - Replacement zanussi plastic Fridge Door Shelf / Bottle Bar / Small Tray Holder. Genuine Zanussi replacement refrigerator shelf. Fits zanussi models: zc245r, zd19/5r, zk18/8r, zk61/27ral, zt164r, zk19/8r, zc246r1, zc245r, zk18/7, zt165 r, zk18/8r, zc246r, zd19/9dac, zk19/8r, zk18/9r, zc245rm, zt165r-1, zc245r, zt164r, zc247r1, zk18/8r, zd18/6r, zd19/5r, zk18/9r, za23w, ztr57r, zt160r-1, zc246r1, zk20/9r, zk18/8r, zk20/9r, zl75w, zd19/5r, zd19/6dac, za23y, za23n, zt174rm, zc246r, zt165r, zc244r, zd19/6dac, zk61/28r, zd16/5r, zc247r, zc244r, za23s, czl145w, zk18/8r, zt56rl, zk18/8r, zk61/27r, zc85l, za23s, zd18/5r, za23s, zk19/8r, zt164r, zk18/8r, zd19/6dac, zd18/5r, zc246r, zk61/28rn, zc246r, zt165r, za23n, zt164rm, zc245r, zk61/28rn, za23w, zk18/8r, zd18/6r, zt164rm, zt57rm, zt165r, zc247r, zk17/7r, zc244r, czx165w, zk61/28r, zk17/7r, za23y, zc245rm, zc246r, zd18/6r, czf145w, zk62/23rf, zc247r1, za23y, zd19/9dac, zt175rm, czx165si, zd18/5r, zt164r, zc260r2, zc245rm, zcr85l, zc245p, zk19/9r, zd19/5dac, zc260r, zk61/28rn, zk17/7r, za23s, za23w, za23y, zcr85l, zk18/7, zt164r, zd19/5r, zk17/7r, zt164rm, zd19/6dac, zc246r, zt174rm, zk18/8r, zt165rm, zk18/9r, zt56ral, zt165rm, zd18/5r, zt165rm, zt165r, zd18/6r, zk18/8R, zk18/9r, zk19/8r, .

Weight0.3 kg (0.66 Pounds)
Part Number2246099010