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SPARES2GO 1.8m Hose Pipe, Bend End Handle & Tool Kit Spare Parts Compatible with Miele C1 C2 C3 Cat Dog Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, Telescopic Extension Rod

SPARES2GO - Fits c2 series: c2 cat & dog powerline, complete c2 black pearl powerline, complete c2 black ecoline, complete c2 ecoline, complete c2 parquet powerline, Complete C2 Limited Edition Canary Yellow Powerline, Complete C2 Excellence EcoLine, Complete C2 Celebration EcoLine Plus, complete c2 hepa ecoline, complete c2 allergy powerline, Complete C2 Parquet EcoLine, complete c2 celebration powerline, Complete C2 Celebration Pro EcoLine Plus, Complete C2 HEPA, Complete C2 PowerLine.

Fits c3 series: complete C3 Celebration Electro Ecoline. Kit includes: 1 x 1. 8m flexible hose silver -- 1 x curved wand hose handle -- 1 x telescopic extension rod: extends from 570mm - 950mm 35mm diameter -- 1 x Large Stiff Bristle Brush Tool -- 1 x Carpet & Hard Floor Brush Head Tool Width 27cm -- 1 x Slim Crevice Tool -- 1 x Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool.

Hose, bent end handle, extension rod & tool Kit made for SPARES2GO compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaner. Fits c1 series: compact c1 black pearl ecoline, compact c1 sprint blue powerline, compact c1 cat & dog PowerLine, Compact C1 HomeCare PowerLine, compact c1 ecoline, Compact C1 PowerLine, Compact C1 HEPA, Compact C1 Young Style, compact c1 hepa ecoline, Compact C1 Young Style PowerLine.
Part Number03-AHY-768


FIND A SPARE Hose Bend Handle Wand Control Pipe for Miele S C1 C2 C3 Cat & Dog Series Vacuum Hoover Cleaners Compares to 5269091

FIND A SPARE - C1 classic c1 compact c1 junior ecoline c1 junior powerline c2 cat & dog powerline c2 compact c2 complete c2 ecoline plus c2 powerline c3 Cat & Dog Powerline C3 Comfort Electro Ecoline Plus C3 Complete C3 ECOLINE PLUS C3 POWERLINE Classic C1 Cat.

Suitable for the following models : s4212 plus, s513, s5211, s514, s374, s571, s5220, s372, s544, s538, s612, s548, s4211, s380, s624, s5280, s526, s528, s2110, s501, s4210, s626, s371, s518, s370, s600, s524, s5261, s511, s5260, S381, s512, s500, s516, . And models : s5210, s716, s744, s826, s762, s844, s736, s724, s714, s848, s700, s636, s834, s800, s734, s712, s812, s748, s718, s634, s838, s638, s846, s717, s711, s836, s644, s726, s710, s646, s648, s715, s536, S824. Find a spare high quality hose bend handle wand for Miele vacuum cleaners. Control the airflow or suction through your hose.
ManufacturerFind A Spare Hose Bend Handle Wand Control Pipe for Miele S Series Vacuum Cleaners
Part NumberFASV123

3. abc products

Compatible/Replacement Miele Plastic Curved Bent end Hose Pipe Tube Wand Handle for Classic C1, Complete C1, C3 and All Miele S Series Vacuum Cleaner Hoover, C2

abc products - Abc products compatible/replacement curved wand handle hose with a slider to control the airflow or suction through your hose. This replacement hose curved wand handle clicks into place at both your vacuum cleaners extension tube and hose end.

This abc products compatible/replacement Hose has been tested and used in all stated versions of Miele, buy with 100% assurance this fits your stated model. For miele classic c1, s711, s374, s716, s734, s526, s544, s516, s538, s838, s624, s812, s710, s644, s501, s82, s5000, c2, complete c1, s371, s714, s548, s626, s712, s836, c3, s844, s2110, s646, s514, s380, s528, s372, s536, s5210, s748, s2000, s4000, s5260, s834, s4211, s600, s500, s715, s524, s381, s612, s4210, s512, s700, s518, s726, s5220, s648, s634, s4212, s826, s744, s800, s511, s636, s5211, s724, s370, s718, s638, s5261, s717, s848, s762, s571, s846, s736, s513, S5280 and many more.
Brandabc products
Manufacturerabc products

4. Miele

Attachable Universal FloorHead for Effortless Vacuuming, Miele 11805640 AllTeQ Floorhead

Miele - Design: the allteq floorhead adapts to different types of flooring thanks to the swivelling suction aperture edge with retractable soft bristles and rubberised rollers that prevent scratches.

Practicality: the flexible and versatile design of the Miele AllTeQ floorhead is a practical option for smaller homes with different flooring types in each room. Miele allteq floorhead: this universal floorhead glides easily for extremely effortless vacuuming and is suitable for all types of flooring, even sensitive hard flooring such as parquet or laminate. Thorough cleaning: the long bristles on Miele electrobrushes reach deep in between the loops and fibres of your carpet to remove dirt and dust particles. Items delivered: 1 x allteq floorhead attachable vacuum head, for versatile flooring including hard flooring that can scratch easily, efficient cleaning.
Height9 cm (3.54 Inches)
Length28.5 cm (11.22 Inches)
Weight0.64 kg (1.41 Pounds)
Width23 cm (9.06 Inches)
Part NumberSBD 2853
ModelSBD 2853

5. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Combination Wheeled Floor Brush Tool Head Compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Spares2go - Combination hard floor & carpet brush Head Tool made for SPARES2GO compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaners. Fits models: s140 - s168, s500 - s858, s6000 - s6999 series s6, s227 - s456i, s2000 - s2999 series s2, s4000 - s4999 series s4, s5000 - s5999 series s5, S8000 - S8999 series S8.

Head width: 275mm slightly narrower for extra manouevrability. Premium quality, fully compatible replacement / spare part. Product features: 360ยบ swivel head with vertical tilt and shift control for low profile cleaning -- single wheel design for superb manouevrability -- Chunky combination pedal for quick changes between hard floors and carpets -- Metal base plate for gentle gliding on carpets -- Stiff bristles for deep cleaning on all hard floor surfaces -- Dual lint strips for hair and dust capture -- Specifically designed for a secure and air tight fit to all models listed.
Part Number09-35MC-110

6. Master Part

Master Part Adjustable Swivel Floorhead Dusting Brush Tool Compatible with Miele Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Master Part - Masterpart compatible with Miele swivel dusting brush tool - Fits all Miele vacuum cleaner. Alternative to miele part number - 7475870 / SUB 20 This tool comes with soft protective edges and natural bristles which provide gentle and scratch free cleaning.

Can be attached to the handle, suction tube or suction hose. Fits the following models - c1 series, s6210, complete c3 total solution allergy powerline, complete c3 electro plus ecoline, s5212, sdcj0, s5211p, complete c3 silence ecoline, s4212 Plus, SDAE1, s8330, s4212, Complete C3 Silence Ecoline, s8320, s6290, S8530, complete c2 powerline obsidian, s8390, s8310, SDCG1, S6220, S5260, Complete C3 Powerline Obsidian, S6240, SGDC1. Please note this part is a non genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.
BrandMaster Part
ManufacturerMaster Part
Part NumberQUATLS343

7. Niuzemyko

Adjustable Locking Extension Pipe 35mm Telescopic Suction Rod Tube Wand Compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaner 6058222 10615280 9265990 10275580 605822000018 8713411148347 4002515811498 10275580 5658813

Niuzemyko - Length adjustment grid: 62cm to 103cm for s5282 s5310 s5311 s5321 s534 s536 s5360 s5181 s518 s517-1 s518-1 s5210 s5211 s5212 s658 s6710 s6730 s6760 s6780 s6790 s7000 s710 s7101 s710-1 s710-1 s711 s7111 s711-1 s712 s7121 s6340 s6350 s636 s6360 s638 s6390 s644 s646 s648 s628 s6280 s6290 s6310 s6320 s6330 s634 s6220 s6230 s624 s6240 s6250 s626 s6260 s6270 s5580 s560 s570 s571 s5710 s5711 s572 s5760 s578 s5780 s5781 s5980 s5981 s6 s612 s6210 s548 s5480 s5481 s5510 s5520 S556 S5560 S558 S5361 S538.

Handy locking: incredibly secure with just one click- floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with an audible fit. Telescopic suction tube compatible with miele s8 s812 s826 s826 s828 s8310 s8320 s8330 s834 s8340 s836 s8360 s838 s8390 s844 s846 s848 s849 s8510 s8520 s8530 s858 s8710 s8730 s8930 s8960 s8990 salsa samba classic c1 complete c2 c3 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S2000 S5000 S8000 TT5000 Rectangular hole at the bottom for the attachment original honey floor nozzles for s5380 s5381 s5410 s5411 sbag0 sbag1 black sdab0 sdae0 sdae1 sdag0 sdag1 sdaj0 sdan0 sda0 sdbb0 sdbe0 sdbe1 sdbo0 sdcb0 sdcb1 sdce0 sdce1 sdcg0 sdcg1 sdcj0 sdcn0 sdco0 sdrg1 seab0 seag0 sensor sensor seventy sfaa0 sfac0 sfac1 sfae0 sfae1 sfag0 sfag1 sfag2 sfaj0 sfbc0 sfbe1 sfca0 sfcc0 sfce1 sfcg1 sfcj0 sfrc1 sfrg1 SFRG2 SGDA0 SGDA1 SGDC0 SGDC1 SGDE0 SGDE1 SGDG0 S516 S5161 S516-1 S5171.

For sgdg1 sgee0 sgee1 sgfc0 sgfe0 sgfe1 sgfg0 sgfg1 sgfh1 sgfh2 sgfk0 sgfk1 sgfk2 sgme0 sgme1 sgpj0 sgpj1 sgsc1 sgse1 sgsg1 sgsg2 sgsh1 sgsh2 sgug1 sgug2 s5421 s544 s5220 s5221 s5222 s524 s526 s5260 s5261 s528 s5280 s5281. Attach the handle by clicking on the top end and small release to lock the handle for for s712-1 s714 s7141 s714-1 s715 s7151 s715-1 s716 s7161 s716-1 s717 s718 s7181 s718-1 s724 s726 s728 s734 s736 s738 s744 s745 s748 s749 s758 s760 s761 s762 s764 s766 s768 s770 s771 s772 s774 s778 s5 s500 s501 s510 s511 S5111 S511-1 S512 S5121 S512-1 S513 S514 S5141 S514-1 S5151 S515-1. The vacuum cleaner's connection is secure but can be easily disengaged at the touch of a button, for instance for additional vacuuming accessories.
Part Number10615280


FIND A SPARE 35mm Universal Plastic Upholstery Tool For Miele Karcher Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

FIND A SPARE - Color: Black. Pack of one upholstery Tool from Find A Spare, a premium replacement for your vacuum cleaner. Width: 130mm. Universal Fitting. Feel free to check our store inventory, we have a wide selection of products that can be ideal for your business or exactly what you need at home. Now find a spare introduced this new version for the alternative part 3506.

9. Miele

Plastic, Miele TurboTeq STB 305-3 Vacuum Cleaner Floorhead, Black, 10455360

Miele - For easy and thorough cleaning of short-pile carpets. Carpets must be brushed and vacuumed at the same time so that even deeply embedded dust and fluff are removed reliably. Does not stick to carpets thanks to the air valve. The roller brush of the Miele turbobrush, which is powered by the suction system, removes dirt effectively from your carpets. Ideal for pet owners. Carpets must be vacuumed regularly even if no surface soiling is visible. No separate connection, powered by current of air.
Height28.91 cm (11.38 Inches)
Length27.51 cm (10.83 Inches)
Weight0.8 kg (1.76 Pounds)
Width8.51 cm (3.35 Inches)
Part NumberTurboteq STB 305-3


SPARES2GO 1.8m Hose Compatible with Miele C1 & C2 Series Vacuum Cleaner

SPARES2GO - Premium quality compatible replacement hose for your Miele vacuum cleaner. Fits models: compact c1 black pearl ecoline, compact c1 powerline, compact c1 young style, compact C1 Sprint Blue PowerLine, Compact C1 HEPA, compact c1 homecare powerline, Compact C1 EcoLine, compact c1 hepa ecoline, Compact C1 Cat & Dog PowerLine, Compact C1 Young Style PowerLine.

Fits models: complete C3 Celebration Electro Ecoline. Premium quality compatible replacement / spare part. Length: 1. 8m. Colour: Silver. Fits models: c2 cat & dog powerline, complete c2 excellence ecoline, complete c2 allergy powerline, complete c2 parquet powerline, complete c2 black Pearl PowerLine, Complete C2 EcoLine, Complete C2 Celebration PowerLine, Complete C2 Celebration EcoLine Plus, complete c2 hepa ecoline, complete c2 hepa, complete c2 limited edition canary yellow Powerline, Complete C2 Black EcoLine, Complete C2 Parquet EcoLine, Complete C2 Celebration Pro EcoLine Plus, Complete C2 PowerLine.

Please note: will only fit the models listed above**. The name, model names and any part numbers of the original manufacturers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original parts or manufacturer. This product is designed to be compatible with the specified brands and is not the original part. 1. 8m flexible hose compatible with Miele Vacuum Cleaner.
Part Number09-DVF-12416