Top 10 Grill Pan Wire Rack UK – Range Replacement Oven Racks

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1. Zinc Products

Durable Universal Oven Cooker Grill Pan Rack & Detachable Handle 380 x 280mm

Zinc Products - High quality durable Lightweight Grill Pan Assembly and Detachable Handle. Dimensions - 380 x 280mm. Fits many models but please check before buying The Measurements Match Your Old Grill Pan or The Dimensions you Require or Your Oven. Universal oven Cooker Grill Pan Assembly.
BrandZinc Products
ManufacturerZinc Products
Part NumberZNC-65

2. Universal

Universal 14-HP-73 Oven Cooker Complete Grill Pan Kit

Universal - Long operational life. Made of high quality material. Easy to use. Measures 380 mm width by 280 mm height. High quality universal oven cooker grill pan and handle complete set.
Height32 cm (12.6 Inches)
Length46 cm (18.11 Inches)
Weight0 kg (0 Pounds)
Width5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Part Number14-HP-73

3. Salter

Black, 38cm, Salter BW001211CDS Grill Pan with Rack and Detachable Handle

Salter - Ideal for use with standard gas and electric ovens, the grill pan measures 38 x 23 cm and the coating can be wiped clean effortlessly.

With over 250 years of british design and innovation, Salter continue to make great products to enhance your everyday lifestyle. The pan is durable, stain resistant and simple store after use, you can remove the handle to ensure it fits into a cupboard. This salter grill pan is made from long lasting heavy gauge steel with a durable vitreous enamel coating for simple cleaning. Easily manoeuvrable with a detachable handle, the internal rack allows fat to drip off your food for healthier less oily cooking.
Height4 cm (1.57 Inches)
Length38 cm (14.96 Inches)
Width23 cm (9.06 Inches)
Part NumberBW001211CDS

4. First4spares

First4spares Grill Pan Grid/Mesh Rack for Hotpoint Ovens/Cookers

First4spares - Measurements: 344mm x 222mm. Direct replacement grill pan food support Stand / Mesh Rack Grid made by First4spares to fit Hotpoint Ovens / Cookers. High quality, fully Compatible Direct Replacement Grill Pan Grid. Fits hotpoint models: 5tcck, bu82ss/2, 61dcw, bs42p, bs22n, bd32b mk2, bd52p, bs51g, bu72k, bd32p mk2, c366ewh, bs31c, 6196b, bs31e mk2, bd32k, ch10456gf, 51tcw, bu62g, 6117p, 6541p, 6166b, 6112b, bu72b, ch10455gf, 50heg, bd81s, 6183p, bu61p, bu72s, bd32k/2, 6525p, bu72k/2, ahp67x, bs62n, 6530p, 6103p, bs32k, 62dcw, 6531p, c362esh, bu62p, c358ewh, bd51g, bu82ss, 5tcgw, bs41n, bd42ss/2, bd52b, arg60x, 52tgw, bs21b, bd52b/2, bs41b, 62dcws, 6580p, bd81p, bs11p mk2, arc60w, 6183b, bs61s, bs41n mk2, c262ekh, c150ewh, c262ewh, bd62ss, 62dgw, ahp37x, bs11b mk2, 50heps, bu62ys, bs61nmk2, bu61b, c363exh, bd32b/2, bs61p mk2, bs62b, bs61b mk2, bd51x, 6551b, 6530b, 50hep, c220ech, 60hgp, 6550p, bs51n, bs21pt, bd32n, arg60w, bs61p, 50hgp, 6173p, ch60dhwf, 6172b, 5tccw, bs61ys, c367ekh, 6521p, 6535p, 6118b, 6102p, bu72b/2, bu71k, bs72ss, bu72p, 6117b, bs31e, bd52t, bd81ys, 6162b, 6540b, bs52ss, 6dock, 6196p, 6163b, bs42n, 6103b, bs41d, bs22p, 6550b, 6docw, c366ekh, 6133p, bs45al, 6196pmk2, 6111b, bu65al, bd62ss mk2, 6525b, bd52p mk2, bs62k, c361ewh, c366esh, bu72p/2, 6531b, bs31c mk2, bd52k mk2, 6166p, bs41g, bd35al, bd51d, bd81b, bs32b, 6162p, bd52n, bd32k mk2, bs61b, c362ekh, bd31pmk2, bs32p, bu82ss mk2, bd81g, 50hegs, 6112P, 6501p, 61dgw, bs21p, bs51b, 6118p, bs61gmk2, bu72b mk2, 6580p, 51tgw, bu62x, bs41g mk2, bs41p mk2, bu62s, bd31b, c220ec, bs51p, 60hegs, bu72p mk2, 6163p, bd52b mk2, bs32n, bd52k/2, dbs537x, bs41p, BD42SS MK2, ahp67x/1, 6505p, c220ewh, 6103bmk2, 52tcws, arc60x, bs11p, bs22b, c220ew, 60heg, bd81n, 6551p, ahp37x/1, bu71n, bd52k, bs42b, 6596b mk2, 6111p, bs51x, bd52s, bd31nmk2, 6103pmk2, bd31gmk2, bs62p, 61dgwf, bd31p, 6590p mk2, 6596p mk2, 60heps, 6dogw, bd32b, bd62ss/2, bu62n, 6540p, bd42ss, 6196bmk2, 6535b, 6596b, 52tcw, c367eih, bu72k mk2, mk11, 6172p, c367ewh, bu71p, bu71b, 6596p, bs21bt, bd32p/2, bs41x, 6102b, bs22g, bu72n, bd31bmk2, c262esh, bu62b, c362ewh, bd32p, bd51n, 6521b, bd32t, 60hep, bs62s, 6173b, 6133b, bs42k, bd52p/2, bs41b mk2, bs11b, .

And models: gw62lt, hue61ps, hag60p, ew93p, s130ek, hag51g, gw38x, hag51x, gw74k, ud47ch, kd6g35x, uh53k, hud61g, hw151ew, gw32p, s150ekh, hal51p, hae51xs, x153esh, hag60k, hug52k, hud61p, hw150ew, ksd99cxs, ux892cx, uq47i/2, hud61xs, hue62p, hue53gs, hae60gs, gw66x, hae51g, gwl32p, hw170ew, hae60g, s420ekh, ud47i, hw170eks, uy46b, uq89i, x253ekh, gw62p, hue53k, x156ewh, s230gkh, spc61k, uy46w mk2, s130ewh, hue52g, s130eb, s220ewh, s130ebh, uq89i/1, hue62k, hw170gik, hae51gs, hue61gs, gw66lx, hud61k, h251ewh, uy46w, hue61k, hw170giw, uh53b, uh53w, uq47t, x156gwh, hue52gs, hae51ps, gw32n, s220ebh, uq47i, ew93t, kd3g2slw/i, s130exh, hud61x, s420ewh, ubs537cx, kd6g25sxir, uy46x, hw160ew, s150ebh, kd6e35w, uhs53x, gw54p, hul61k, hul61p, hue53ps, hul61x, uhs53xs, s130ekh, hue62g, hue62ks, hud61ks, hue52k, hug61x, hud61gs, hud61ps, hae60ps, hae51k, s420ebh, x153ekh, hae60p, hag60g, s130ex, hw170gk, hae60ks, hue61g, hug61p, hw170ek, uq47i mk2, hue62x, uh53ws, ut47x, hw170lik, hae60x, gw81p, h250ewh, hw170ews, hue53g, hug52g, ue89x1, x253esh, s220exh, hue62ps, s130ew, gw38p, gw62t, hag60x, hue52x, hue61xs, hw150gw, ksd99cx, ue47x, hug61g, gw54g, ue47x/2, hue61ks, uy46k mk2, uy46x/2, s230gxh, hue52ps, hue61x, hae51ks, gw32g, hw170liw, hue61p, s220ekh, hae51p, gw54t, hue53p, hae60xs, hae60k, uy46xmk2, ew95al, ue89x/1, s230gbh, hag51k, hae51x, s230gwh, hue62xs, x153ewh, s420exh, s150ewh, hug52p, hw170gw, hag51p, h151ewh, gw42p, ubs537cxs, h150ewh, spc61w, hue63p, hue52ks, hue53x, hue52p, hug52x, gw74g, hug61k, uh53ks, hul61g, hw160ec, s150exh, uy46k, kd6g35m, X253EWH.

And models: ch60dhwfs, ew31p, ew84x, ew22p, ew52p, ew24ewh, gw81g, dhs53x, eg902gx, dh53w, eg54p, de77x, dbs537xs, ew62p, eg54t, ew62n, eg72n, ew34p, c367gkh, eg22n, ew31n, eg72p, eg1000gx, ch10750gf, dd77ch, ew32n, ew22c, ew52g, eg21e, ew91s, eg32s, mk3, ew82s, dq47imk2, ew83p, dhs53cx, ew41gs, ch60ekw, ew73p, dh93cxs, ch50gciw, ch60ekk, eg53p, ew21l, ew72n, ew21c, dx937cx, dq47i, ew84p, ew41n, ew72s, dh53ck, ew20p, eg74p, eh32l, eh32p, dhs53cxs, ew45ss, ew48g, dh53ws, eg53s, dy46w/2, ew48x, edcw51h, ew52t, ek50, ew42g, ew36p, gw38g, dy230gx, dy46k/2, dh93cx, ew81n, dy46w mk2, ew73t, ew51s, gw32s, edcs51h, eg95c, ew41ps, ew42t, ew50, ch60dhkf, eg1000ex, ew74k, gw62lg, ew61b, dq77i, dy46b, dq89i/1, ch50gcik, eh10p, eg21e mk2, gw62g, dy230gwt, ch60gcis, dx1032cx, ch60gciw, dq47i/2, ew83g, ch60ekks, ch60dhkfs, ew41l, dh99cx, de89x/1, ew93g, ew73g, eg74x, ew74g, dsc60ss, eh11p, ew21e, c367gwh, eg73g, ew82p, de47x, ew84k, ch10450gf, dhs53xs, ew34n, ew63p, ew36k, eg72n mk2, eg53n, dy46k, ew23ewh, ch60dhsfs, ew41c, dq89i, ew52s, dbs539cx, ew38p, eg95l, ch60ekws, dh93ks, dt77x, dsd60s, ew92al, mk3, ew72p, eg20p, eg21l mk2, c60etx, gw74p, ew41ns, dh53ks, ew38x, ew42s, eg73t, eg21c, dbs539cws, ch50gcis, ew83t, ew38g, dy46x, ew71p, ch60gcik, eg21c mk2, dsd60ss, dd77i, dy46x/2, dsc60s, ew41p, eg72p, dh53xs, dx892cxs, eg73k, eg72n, eg94x, c367gih, eg21l, mk3, ew23ech, gw32t, ew91ys, dbs539cw, ew61p, dy230gb, eg32p, dh93xs, ew93k, ew83k, eg76x, ew21p, dh53b, dsg60s, ew32p, ew48p, ew86x, ew32s, dh53x, eg32n, dh53k, ew34s, ew31g, dbs539ck, ew41g, c367exh, ew36x, dy230gk, ew84g, eg902gxs, gw38k, ew52n, ew74x, ew62g, ch60dhsf, ew42n, eh30p, eg72s mk2, dcl08cb, de89x1, dy46x mk2, eg72p mk2, dy46k mk2, dx892cx, ew91p, ew81g, dsc50s, EH12P, de47x/2, dbs539cks, ew42p, eg74g, ew41b, eg73p, dx1032cxs, ew24ech, dh53cks, ch60eks, dh93k, dh93x, ew82n, dy46w, ew85ss, gw74x, eg72s, ew48k, gw62lp, eg54g, ew76x, c367gxh, c368ewh, ew81p, eg72s, ew74p, ew20c, ew38k, dbs539cxs, dh53bs, ew36g, .
Part NumberQUACS220w.


Find A Spare Grill Rack For Indesit | Hotpoint Oven Cookers | 344mm X 222mm

FIND A SPARE - Also models: fid20wh/1, id50e1ws, fimu23whs, fiu20wh, mk2, is60c1xxs, fid20whmk2, id60c2ws, fimd23ix, fiu20ix/1, id60c2as, fid10ix1s, fimd23bks, fiu20ix, id50e1x, fiu20ix, id60c2xs, fidm20ix, is60c1x, fid20bkt, fiu20bk, id60e2w, fimd23wh, IS60D1X.

And models: hotpoint 5tcck, 60hegs, 50hgp, 6103p, 6163p, 6103pmk2, 6133p, 60hgp, 6112p, 6162p, 60heg, 50hegs, 6112b, 60hep, 6163b, 6118p, 51tcw, 5tccw, 6103b, 51tgw, 6133b, 6111b, 6118b, 52tcw, 60heps, 50heps, 6111p, 6162b, 5tcgw, 50hep, 6103bmk2, 50heg, 52TCWS. Pack of 1 grill pan grid mesh rack 344mm x 222mm from Find A Spare, a premium replacement for your Oven Cookers. To fit the following brands and models: indesit fid20bk/1, fidm20ixmk2, bimds23bix, fimde23ixs, fid20ix, fid20bkmk2, fimu23bk, fde20bk, fid20ix, fde20wh, fimde23ix, fidm20ixm2, fimu23bks, mk2, fimd13ix, fidm20ix/1, BIMDS23BIXS, fde20ix, FID20IX/1.

And models: ch60dhwfs, ch60dhkf, ch60ekk, ch60ekw, ch60dhsf, c367gwh, c367exh, c367gxh, ch60gcik, ch50gcis, ch50gcik, c367gih, c367gkh, ch60dhkfs, dbs539cw, ch50gciw, dbs539cks, ch60ekks, dbs539ck, ch60eks, dbs539cx, c368ewh, dbs539cws, dbs537xs, c60etx, ch60ekws, ch10750gf, dbs539cxs, cH60GCIS.
ManufacturerFind A Spare
Height34.5 cm (13.58 Inches)
Length22.5 cm (8.86 Inches)
Weight0.2 kg (0.44 Pounds)
Width2.4 cm (0.94 Inches)
Part NumberFAS220V

6. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Large Grill Pan Rack Insert Tray for Bosch Oven Cookers

Spares2go - Dimensions: width: 390mm, Depth: 320mm, Height: 30mm. Replacement large stainless steel grill Pan Rack made for SPARES2GO to fit all models of Bosch Oven Cooker. Premium quality Replacement Spare Part. Fits models: all models of Bosch grill pan requiring this size rack Please double check measurements and gallery images before purchase.
Part Number02-UOCGPR-291

7. Spares2go

SPARES2GO Large Grill Pan Rack Insert Tray for Neff Oven Cookers

Spares2go - Replacement large stainless steel grill Pan Rack made for SPARES2GO to fit all models of Neff Oven Cooker. Dimensions: width: 390mm, Depth: 320mm, Height: 30mm. Premium quality Replacement Spare Part. Fits models: all models of Neff grill pan requiring this size rack Please double check measurements and gallery images before purchase.
Part Number02-UOCGPR-301

8. Invero

Invero® Universal Stainless Steel Grill Pan Griddle Oven Cooker Rack Tray Shelf Suitable for Most Ovens 320mm x 240mm

Invero - It is not designed to slide into oven runners. This is a universal grill pan and is designed to sit on an oven shelf. Great product for those who wish to replace or add an extra shelf. Grill tray measures: 320mm x 240mm - 32cm x 24cm. Fits models: most makes and models of oven, cookers and grills. This great quality universal oven shelf will fit almost any standard home or caravan ovens.
Part Number4580

9. First4spares

First4spares Grill Pan Grid/Mesh Rack for Indesit Ovens/Cookers

First4spares - Kd341gw, it50gw, it50e1x, kd641gm, kd6c35a, kd3e1ew, kd3g21slx/, it50d1xxs, kd641gw, kd6c0ew, kd3g2a/g, kd6e35w, kd3g11x/g, kd3g2w/g, kd641ew, kd6g25a, it50lw, kd3e1mg, kd640gw, kd3c1ew, it50eas, kd6c8ex, kd3g2mg, kd643gx, kd3g21x/g, kd3e1w/g, kd6c8ew, it50g1x, kd3g2sa/ir, kd3c11x/g, kd3c1a/g, kd641em, kd3g21sx/i, kd3g11sx/g, kd3c3k/g, kd3c1w/g, kd6c7ex, it50e1xxs, it50gm, it50ea, kd6c35m, kd3c1mg, it50dw, kd641ex, kd6c35k, it50g1xx, it50ga, kd3e11x/g, .

Measurements: 344mm X 222mm. Fiu20ix/1, kd3e1a/ir, k6g520sx/g, it50cms, id60c2k, is60c1w, id50e1x, it50ca, it50cas, it50cw, fiu20wh, is60c1xxs, kd3c3wg, k6g210sx/g, id60c2m, it50cws, it50cm, it50d1x, is60g1w, id50c1w, it50c1xxs, it50c1x, it50ew, is60d1x, id50c1k, id60g2a, id60g1w, fiu20wh/1, id60c2as, id50c1ks, id60e2w, id60c2w, id60c2a, id50e1w, id60c2x, it50ems, kd3cew, id50c1ws, id60g2x, k6g210sw/g, is60d1xxs, id60c2ks, id60c2xs, id60e2ws, fiu20whmk2, id60c2ms, it50em, id60g2w, is60c1ws, it50ews. Direct replacement grill pan food support stand / mesh rack grid made by First4spares to fit Indesit Ovens / Cookers. Kd6c35mt, kd3g2slw/i, kd3g2sm/g, kdp60cs, kd6g25sxir, kd6g25swir, kd6c7ew, kd6g25xir, kdp60e, kd6g25sair, kd6g25w, kd3g2sla/i, kd6c35x, kp902cx, kd6c7em, kd6c35w, kp900cx, kd643ew, kt6g2w, kdp60g, kdp60se, kdp60ses, kp900gx, kd6g25x, kd643ex, kt6g2wir, kp100ix, kp100cx, kd6g25m, kt6g2m, kd3g2sw/ir, kdp60c, kd6g35w, kd643gw, kd641gx, kt6c3w, kp902gx.

High quality, fully Compatible Direct Replacement Grill Pan Grid. Fits indesit models: fid20bk/1, fidm20ixmk2, fimde23ixs, fid20ix, fid20ix/1, fid20wh, fimd13ix, fid10ix/1, fimde23ix, fimd23bks, fimu23bk, fimu23bks, fiu20ix, fid10ix1s, fimd23whs, fdu20ix, bimds23bixs, fidm20ix, fID20WHMK2, fidm20ix/1, fid20ixmk2, id60c2ws, fimd23wh, fiu20bk, mk2, fid20ix, id50e1ws, fimu23ix, fid20bkmk2, bimds23bix, fid20bkt, fidm20ixm2, fde20ix, is60c1x, fimd13ixs, fimu23wh, fiu20ix, fde20wh, mk2, fimd23bk, fimd23ix, fid20wh/1, fdu20wh, fimu23ixs, fde20bk, fimu23whs, .
Part NumberQUACS220W

10. Rangemaster

Rangemaster Oven Wire Grill Pan Grid. Genuine Part Number P093359

Rangemaster - For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”. This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Genuine replacement wire grill pan grid for your oven. Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. This is a genuine product.
Height36.8 cm (14.49 Inches)
Length21.8 cm (8.58 Inches)
Weight0.01 kg (0.02 Pounds)
Width2.4 cm (0.94 Inches)
Part NumberRNGP093359#1